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7th International e-HRM Conference


Argomento: Economics, Management e Imprenditorialità
Tipologia: Giornate di studio

Descrizione del corso

The goal of this biennial conference is to bring together international scholars and business leaders to facilitate the exchange between business and academia on the latest ideas concerning electronic and digital HRM, and to match cutting edge e-HRM research and practice with the focus on HRM 4.0. The international e-HRM Conference provides an excellent opportunity to revisit the concept of e-HRM and critically assess academic and business achievements in this field, moving from e-HRM to digital (d-HRM) - towards HRM 4.0. Participants: PhD students and business leaders interested in the intersections among Human Resource Management, IT and Digital Economy, Labour relations, and Organization.

Data scadenza iscrizione: 15/11/2018

Inizio del corso: 29/11/2018

Fine del corso: 30/11/2018

Luogo del corso: Milano

Nº incontri: 2

Totale ore: 16

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